My name is Andrew Burleson.

I'm an urbanist and creative professional (read: jack-of-all-trades). I live in Raleigh, NC and part-time in Houston, TX. Here are the projects I'm working on, and the places you can find me on the web:


My consulting firm. I work as project-manager for hire, helping people solve built-environment challenges.
A community-driven site for finding and sharing interesting places and learning about what makes them work. Interested in how some of it works? Here's a code-sample.
A simple tool for measuring distances and areas from Google Maps. Early Alpha.
A database of things that people who care about cities would find interesting.
A CSS / JS framework that I use for all my projects, meant to be more of a "railsy" alternative to twitter bootstrap.

Community Involement

A national movement for sustainable development, which I'm heavily involved in.
The Houston chapter of CNU, which I serve as President of.


My (old) blog about stuff going on in Houston. I don't write on this very frequently any more, but there's a great archive of content on here.
My Github profile.
My StackOverflow profile.
A little bit of everything.
Only because everyone else is on here. Real-life friends only, sorry.